M. Tech. 2021

Renewable Energy Technologies

  Coimbatore Campus

  • Top performing students will receive scholarship upto Rs. 1 Lakh
  • M.Tech + PhD Dual Degree options

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M. Tech. in Renewable Energy Technologies

Renewable energy being the most important application area of engineering and technology in the twenty-first century. The curriculum has an emphasis on solar and wind energy systems, in tune with the Indian national missions on these. The learning is guided through two parallel streams of electrical and mechanical disciplines. Core courses and electives of specialization are offered by faculty from various departments like Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical, Aerospace, Business Management, Science etc. A Renewable Energy laboratory-developed through assistance from C-WET (presently, NIWE), MNRE and DST, Government of India, equipped with hard and soft experiment systems and real field data collection systems, provides active training support to the programme. Collaborations with global academic and industrial establishments too help in imparting quality learning in this programme.

Scope of the Program


Enriched with blended interdisciplinary knowledge required to establish as an entrepreneur and industry centric in Renewable Energy.

Thrust Areas in Research

Facilitate research opportunities in demanding areas such as Wind Power Development, Wind Resource Assessment, Design of Wind Turbine Aerofoils, Solar Cell Fabrication, Demand Energy Management, and many more.

Career opportunities

Students preparing for the challenges of industry or research, Industry professionals seeking to advance their careers, establishing balance between academic essentials and industry requirements.


Why Amrita?!

The core vision of Amrita lies in providing education for life, grounded in intellectual social responsibility through compassion driven research that will translate into a positive global impact. The Schools under the aegis of Amrita University have over 108 programmes in disciplines as diverse as Biotechnology, Engineering, Management, Medicine, Dentistry, Ayurveda, Pharmacy, Nanotechnology, Communication, Arts & Science and Education, providing our students with an outstanding training in our several campuses across multiple states. Needless to add, this multi-disciplinary character of our University facilitates a laudable synergy within our midst greatly enabling us all to derive maximum benefit from the expertise of each other.

Outstanding Faculty from India and Abroad

Industry-Aligned Curriculum

Immersive Learning Experience

Top-Ranked University

Admission Procedure

Pass with Minimum 60% or 6.0 CGPA in
• B.E. (Petroleum Engineering)
• B.E. (Power Electronics)
• B.E. (Production & Industrial Engineering)
• B.E. (Production Engineering)
• B.Tech. (Aerospace Engineering)
• B.Tech. (Automotive Design Engineering)
• B.Tech. (Biochemical Engineering)
• B.Tech. (Chemical Science and Technology)
• B.Tech. (Energy Engineering)
• B.Tech. (Energy Technology)
• B.Tech. (Engineering Physics)
• B.Tech. (Mineral Engineering)
• B.Tech. (Power Engineering)
• B.Tech. (Power System Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Chemical Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Electrical Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Electronics Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Industrial and Production Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Industrial Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Instrumentation and Control Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Instrumentation Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Manufacturing Technology)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Material Science Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Mechatronics Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Mining Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E. (Petrochemical Engineering)
• B.Tech. or B.E.(Automobile Engineering)
• M.Sc. in Electronics
• M.Sc. in Electronics & Communication
• M.Sc. in Electronics and Instrumentation
• M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering
• M.Sc. in Instrumentation Technology
• M.Sc. in Petroleum Technology
• M.Sc. in Production Engineering
• M.Sc. in Renewable Energy
• M.Sc. in Sustainable Development


  • Direct admission to GATE qualified students.
  • Non GATE qualified students will be admitted based on academic records and performance in interview.
  • Top performing students will receive scholarship upto Rs. 1 Lakh

    Fee Structure

      Semester 1 ₹86625
      Semester 2 ₹86625
    TUITION FEES Semester 3 ₹86625
      Semester 4 ₹86625
      Caution Deposit
      TOTAL ₹3,56,500

    Year 1 ₹53000
      Year 2 ₹53000
    Year 1 ₹52000
      Year 2 ₹52000
      TOTAL ₹2,20,000

    Admission closed for M. Tech

    We Facilitate Your Education

    At Amrita, students work closely with the faculty who become their mentors, advisors and friends. Our faculty aims to provide holistic education to students, strives to structure their skills, helping them to reflect on real-world issues by thinking critically, allowing them to channelize their skills to be used in real life scenarios, by giving them optimal industrial and academic exposure.

    Integrated MTech+PhD

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