M. Tech. in Wireless Networks & Applications

This M-Tech programme is intended to generate trained academic and research personnel in the highly demanding, useful and emerging area of IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Blockchain. The programme includes core subjects from Wireless Communications, Computer Science, Computer networks, advanced topics in wireless communications, mobile computing, sensor networks, embedded systems, signal processing, multimedia systems and applications such as landslide detection, environmental monitoring, etc. Building on a very successful joint project called WINSOC with about a dozen international partners, this new M. Tech. program was introduced with a view to strengthen the academic and research activities in this highly advanced topics: Wireless Networks and Applications.

Scope of the Program

Emerging Technologies

This program is intended to generate trained academic and research personnel in the highly demanding, useful and emerging area of AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain and 5G.

High-end Labs

The centre has modern labs to support various research activities in the centre. To name a few, Remote Triggered Lab, Keysight Advanced Wireless Lab, Embedded Systems Lab, etc.

Career Opportunities

Students after graduation enter into a broad spectrum of industries such as Communication Networks, Earth Sciences, Disaster Management, Nano-Technologies, VLSI and Embedded Systems.


Why Amrita?!

The core vision of Amrita lies in providing education for life, grounded in intellectual social responsibility through compassion driven research that will translate into a positive global impact. The Schools under the aegis of Amrita University have over 108 programmes in disciplines as diverse as Biotechnology, Engineering, Management, Medicine, Dentistry, Ayurveda, Pharmacy, Nanotechnology, Communication, Arts & Science and Education, providing our students with an outstanding training in our several campuses across multiple states. Needless to add, this multi-disciplinary character of our University facilitates a laudable synergy within our midst greatly enabling us all to derive maximum benefit from the expertise of each other.

Outstanding Faculty from India and Abroad

Industry-Aligned Curriculum

Immersive Learning Experience

Top-Ranked University

Fee Structure

  Semester 1 ₹79500
  Semester 2 ₹79500
TUITION FEES Semester 3 ₹79500
  Semester 4 ₹79500
  Caution Deposit
  TOTAL ₹3,23,000

Year 1 ₹39900
  Year 2 ₹39900
Year 1 ₹27500
  Year 2 ₹27500
  TOTAL ₹1,39,800

Final Phase Deadline : July 04, 2021

Online Interviews are going on. Early applicants will have higher chances of getting interviewed for their preferred courses. They also are given priority for admissions and scholarships and so please do not delay your submissions.

We Facilitate Your Education

At Amrita, students work closely with the faculty who become their mentors, advisors and friends. Our faculty aims to provide holistic education to students, strives to structure their skills, helping them to reflect on real-world issues by thinking critically, allowing them to channelize their skills to be used in real life scenarios, by giving them optimal industrial and academic exposure.

Integrated MTech+PhD

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